Ch. Rolin Ridge's Tapestry

CHIC # 13985  BSD-2809G27F-PI HIPS  BSD-EL621F27-PI  ELBOW BSD-1187CERF  Seizure Free




  Satin was the only Groenendael female in her litter of five Tervueren and three male 

Groenendael. She  finished  her Championship  at ten months of age  with a  Specialty

BOW and a Group 4.


 She was a very sweet, biddable girl  and a very enthusiastic tail wagger!   She was a natural retriever.  Her most  favorite thing though, was being bred!  This we learned the hard way,  when she snuck in a fertile breeding at 12 months of age.  Wondering how such a young girl would handle a litter at that young age, we were very surprised to find her an awesome mother.  She bounced back so fast that it was if it had never happened.  This was our one and only accidental litter in over thirty years of breeding.  Even into her senior years with us, she remained very, very fond of male attention! 



Kamp pE s.r. Select NL/FR/CAN/AM Ch. Jarl Wendy V. Lana's Hof elite A

 NL/Lux/Ger/World Ch. Buddy v Lana's Hof

 Mistyk van de Hoge Laer

E'Blackie de la Grande Lande

Int. Ch. Wendy v Lana's Hof

Vanga de la Douce Plaine

NL Ch.Clarence v Lana's Hof




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