BISS Ch. Rolin Ridges Fourteen Karat CD, CGC, HIC, HOF, ROM X CH. Mawrmyth's Xtra Fine Jayde


Jules was my buddy for many years.  He died of old age at 15+ years.  He was to be my next show/breeding male.  He was a large boy with outstanding structure.  At six months of age he walked into the ring and won a major.  He was never to walk back in.  At nine months of age, he started an insecure stage.  He started defensive growling during an exam.  I had never encountered that and didn't know how to solve the problem.  Years later I was to find many more people and many more male BSD have encountered the same behavior.  Instead of supporting him and continuing his socialization, I was embarrassed and neutered him and kept him at home.  I regret that today because he ended up being a wonderful companion. He was loved by the neighborhood children.  They could literally do anything to him.  I'll always miss him.