Ch. Mawrmyth Sharif Of Mika  X  Ch. Johnsondale's Jonquest

Bred by Marcy Spalding, Mawrmyth Belgians
OFA27E Seizure Free


Jayde was a daddy's girl and went everywhere with Bob.  Jayde could do no wrong as far as Bob was concerned.  On Christmas Eve she and Bob and my mother-in-law were on their way home when a car went thru a red light and smashed into them in an intersection.  Bob suffered no injury; mom broke a rib and Jayde fared the worst.  She had been riding loose in the back seat and was flung around.  They found her on the floor unable to move.  She was taken to emergency vet close by and stabilized for the long two hour ride home.  We didn't know if she'd make it.  My vet had contacted emergency services halfway home in case we needed them and had the emergency services at home waiting for us.

Jayde had a spinal cord injury but they decided not to do surgery.  I don't know why.  She was paralyzed from the neck down.  No one could tell us what the outcome would be.  Within a week she had full use of her front legs.  In six months time, she was able to run again.  She was gimpy but she could do anything she wanted.  No one ever told us what to do or that it could be done or even how to get her walking again.  Through love, tears, friends, ingenuity, sleepless nights and much, much work she was able to live out her life till she succumbed of old age.