Pictured at 14 yrs. 

  Ch. Celte de la Pouroffe, CD, ROM X Ch. Endymion's Charisma, CD, ROM

Fancie had a hard life.  When she was six, her owners divorced and Fancie was given away.  The new owner who had all her paperwork contacted me a year later saying she couldn't keep her because she was moving.  (I have never understood this reasoning.  Can't dogs move too?) 


Well, I found her a home with a lady who had one of my older dogs.  They had just moved into a small apartment in a storage facility and were to manage it.  In the evening hours the dogs had run of the acre location as what the facility owners thought were "guard dogs".  Not an ideal home  but I'd known the owners for over 20 + years.  After a year, the husband lost his eyesight and his job.  The old dog was kept but Fancie was looking for a new home.  We found a great young family with two young kids who wanted her badly.  Fancie loved the kids and everyone was happy for the next four years, or so I thought.  We talked at least once a year and everything seemed fine. 


One day when Fancie was twelve, I got a call from the lady.  I remember it so well.  It was nine a.m. on a weekday morning.  She said to me, "I've just gotten out of the hospital with a couple of broken facial bones courtesy of my husband.  I'm taking the kids and leaving town within the hour.  I can take Fancie to the shelter or leave her with you.  I won't be back!" 


I answered, "Bring her here!".  They all came with her.  The kids were crying, mom was crying, I was crying and if ever I've heard it, Fancie was crying.  I held her as they left, praying they would be safe.  Fancie had come home to stay.  It was really, really hard for her as she was traumatized, but finally, with some TLC, she came around and she and her littermate, Midas, enjoyed snoozing away the days together on one dog bed the rest of their days.  Fancie died of old age at fifteen and a half, five months before her brother.


She had been loved by many, but circumstances were never in her favor.  I know she's in a permanent home now and I hope she's very happy.