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So nice of you to visit.  We hope you enjoy it.  We are retired from active breeding.  While this site is not complete, I try to continue to redo old pages and continue updating.  If you don't see your Rolin Ridge dog here, let us know.  If you have new or updated photos and would like to see them pictured, please send us a clear current photo, registered name, call name, and a brief description about him or her. We want to hear from all our family dogs as well as show dogs too! Feel Free to contact us for advice or information regarding the Belgian Sheepdog.

We have produced over 80 Champions in limited breeding.  (many pointed still).  Our dogs have also achieved the following:
Five All Breed Best In Shows
Six National Specialty Best In Shows
Obedience Trial Champion
Herding Champion
MACH and MX and MXJ titles
Service Dogs
First Belgian Sheepdog Westminster Group Placer
Four Westminster Best of Breeds
Working Dog Excellent titles
Drug detection dogs

Canadian, Japanese, Asian,  FCI and International Champions

We are proud that many beginners have started with our dogs.  We foster the idea that the BSD is still an owner-handled breed and if a beginner
can win with a dog, we feel we’ve done our job.

38  Kennels that have used, owned or started with RR dogs:
Mawrmyth,  Signature,  Spectre. Images, To-Day, WinterHaven, Isengard,  Reverie, Nordos,t Summerwynd, Moonlite, Meadowyn, Belmystique, Jacamar,  Indigo Hill, Avatar,  V. Seigestor, Sherborne, Char-Ma, Avatar,  Mi-sha-ook, Nes’c Pas,  Farwoods,  Lightfoot, Bayview,  Allure,   Bel Mont, Witch Hollow, Bonntyme,  Morningstar, Chez-Les-Bel,  L’eccosais,  La Niege, Basquelaine,  Mi-Kels,  Laralee, Hillside  & Chancery



Linda McCarty, AKC Licensed Judge 




Added new ch's


Minor corrections, added info and new titles and a few new photos.


New pages for Volt, Jesse, Josie, Karma, Ink, Ruby and more to come.
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Two new Ch's

03/30/2014 09:02
Congratulations to Claibourne Jackson and RR's Jedi Jayne and to Rochelle & Jon Aronson with RR's Jessie James on finishing their Ch. on the same...


01/28/2014 09:53
Congratulations to Carol Deny and Josie on their whirlwind sweep to her Championship, finishing with four majors.  Watch for her in performance...


01/28/2014 09:47
Congratulations to Gina O'Gara on Ruby's Championship.  This beauty finished her Ch. quickly and you'll be seeing her again.
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