Specialty Best Of Breed

CH. Harmony In Black Z Kovarny TT, HIC. MX, MXJ, OF

OFA-BSD-3600E29F     ELBOWS-BSD-EL1325F29   CERF-BSD-1805 Seizure Free

Breeder:  Hana Pisarcikova, Z Kovarny








With Midas:

CH. Rolin Ridge's Golden Grammy,  HIC, CGC, TDI, RE, JHD, PT, MX, MXJ, XF, HIT, HC, RATI, BSCA AOM, Agility HOF, WD-C,

UACHX UKC & AKC CH. Rolin Ridges Glamour Girl CGC, HIC, MX, MXJ, XF, RA, NAC, AD, CD, ROM, BSCA HIT, Agility HOF, WDX-C

Rolin Ridge's Girls Got Rythm MX, MXJ, XF, CD, RE, RATN

MACH 5 ADCH-B Rolin Ridge's Genuine Gold CDX RE PT CAA RATCH MXC MJB2 MXF T2B, MAD, SACH, GCH, RCH, JCH-B, SCH-B, TM, BSCA WDX-C, AG-HOF, RATO, 2012 Versatility Award Winner, BSCA 2016 HIT's & HC, BSCA Agility HOF, WDX-C

With Jesse: 

MACH Rolin Ridge's Instant Intrigue, RE, CDX, OF, GO

OTCH & CH Rolin Ridge's Indigo Ink CGC TDI UDX3 OM5, VER PT AX AXJ OF OJP Multi-HIT, Multi-Specialty WB, BOW, 2016 BSCA HIT & HC

and Dual Challenge Winner



An unforgettable girl

Harmony was a smaller girl who loved life and always lived it to it's fullest.  She loved to do anything and everything.  As a youngster she was a whirlwind of activity.  She was a very nosey dog, always wanted to see what you were doing.  She absolutely adored being touched by people petting her.   She really was boy crazy and was a shameless flirt.  She enjoyed many toys, though she had aspirations to be a surgeon because she had to remove the squeakers!  

When she was five months old, she broke her left front leg just above the pastern joint in a freak accident.  By seven months of age, the orthopedic surgeon told us that the injury had damaged the growth plate and that one bone was no longer growing but the other still would continue to grow thereby forcing her foot to turn to the side.  The most common problem aside from the foot turning out, is damage to the elbow due to the uneven growth of the leg bones.  If the damage results in arthritis, then surgery is done to alleviate the problem. Thankfully,  her elbows were fine.  I showed her twice as a puppy and both judges tried to put her leg where it was supposed to be and so with a heavy heart, I stopped showing her.  

When she was three, I decided to try again and she finished her Championship in spite of her leg in very short order.  She even won a Specialty BOB over a large entry under a breeder judge. She went on to become my husband's first agility dog and they had a great time competing.

Harmony was unique in many ways and we loved her greatly and she was spoiled rotten.

Sadly she left us too soon to stomach cancer.  She left a huge void in our hearts.