Josie tears up agility rings

06/08/2015 08:12
Congratulations to Carol D. and Josie, on her Agility Open titles as well as two UKC titles!  She's now Ch. UAG II Rolin Ridge's Jubilant Josie IT OA OAJ OF. Watch Josie going into coursing rings soon.

Ruby's new title.

06/08/2015 08:06
Congratulations to Ruby and Gina on earning a "first" for Rolin Ridge by completing her Grand Championship.'

Jack does well in obedience

05/08/2015 08:58
Congratulations to Dave M. and Jack, Rolin Ridge's Jericho Jackson RA, CD, CGC.  Jack is a consistent performer and is always "in the ribbons" 

Johnny loves his sheep

04/08/2015 09:06
Congratulations to the plunkets and Johnny, Rolin Ridge's Jackie Johnny on earning his HSs.

New titles

12/03/2014 16:13
Congratulations to Jack and owner Dave M. on their RN title with three 100 scores along with two legs on his CD title with a 2nd place.  Also Ink and Florence A. have earned their AX, & AXJ titles!  Good job ladies. 
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